Plot Analytics

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Business Intelligence Design and Consulting

Plot Analytics provides product review and selection,   planning, implementation, development and valuable consulting services across the spectrum of data integration, data warehousing, Business Intelligence and reporting projects.  

Having built our own BI platform from the ground up, we have amassed a wide array of experiences and best practices as well as honed our approach to data warehousing and ETL which turn transactional databases into analytics repositories in short order.

We are interested foremost in your long-term business intelligence program's success, independent of the software chosen for the visualization layer. We approach each implementation with the goal of creating the most efficient, sustainable data assets to serve your near and far term analytics needs. Wending our way through your data we are always looking for trends, exceptions and areas of discovery.

We will complete your basic reporting needs from the low hanging fruit to the more arcane, always with an eye towards blending data assets elegantly, clarity of your visual analytics, and leaving the fewest moving parts exposed. 

In our experience, the ability to prioritize valid data use cases, align those with the goals of the project, and identify potential down stream directions will save you time and money. We build our data accumulation scenarios with a longer view of how they might be used, and can frequently utilize existing code to establish new data collections.